President – Foothills Independent Sales, LLC

    Peter has 10 years of experience designing and engineering products in the heavy equipment and automotive industry. He graduated in 2005 from Michigan Technological University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and spent the first 7 years of his career as a Design Engineer, Customer Support Manager, and Production Manager with Getman Corporation, a manufacturer of Diesel Mining Equipment.

    In 2012 he took a position with Clemson University and worked closely with BMW and other Tier I suppliers to start up the Clemson University Component Testing Laboratory on the CU-ICAR campus in Greenville, SC. Looking for greater independence and a new challenge, Peter formed Foothills Independent Sales, LLC in 2015. Peter lives with his wife and their two children in Six Mile, SC.

    Our Unfair Advantage

    In general, manufacturers produce quality products and customers clearly communicate their requirements. The key is in linking the needs of the customer with the capability of the manufacturer. This is especially difficult when the products are highly technical and require customization. In this situation, the sales representative must accurately identify product specification and effectively communicate the details to the manufacturer.

    This is where our unfair advantage exists. With 10 years of engineering experience on both the manufacturing and sales side of projects, Foothills Independent Sales is expert at completing this process flawlessly.

    Everyone has witnessed a situation in which a small detail was ignored or miscommunicated during the initial design phase. An error such as this can result in a final product that under performs, or is just unusable. These situations usually end up in time lost, money spent, and a damaged customer/supplier relationship. Foothills Independent Sales will work to identify all customer needs and clearly communicate them to the manufacture to ensure that the product needed is the product delivered.