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    Why upgrade to LED?
    • LED lights use 1/6th of the electricity that conventional lighting consumes
    • LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. That is over 5 years of continuous use!
    • LED lights are a closer match to actual sunlight
    • LED lights provide better lighting which enhances the imagery on security cameras
    Why buy LED Lights from Foothills Independent Sales?
    • Local Sales & Support in North and South Carolina
    • Energy audit and lighting simulation free of charge…see example
    • Free completion of utility rebate paperwork
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Support for the life of the product.
    Product Applications
    Potential Customers
    • Car Dealerships
    • Parking Lot Safety and Security
    • Manufacturing and Warehouse
    • Office Space and Showroom
    • Apartment Complex

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    Detas Akron Led Parking Lot Light Fixture

    Detas Akron Led Parking Lot Light Fixture


    The Akron is a LED parking lot light designed to replace old shoe boxes as well as area and flood lights. The Akron’s uniquely thin profile makes it more aesthetically pleasing than nearly every other fixture on the market. The CRI and optics available with the Akron make it a perfect match for car dealerships. Using the optics to control the light output creates a strong contrast between the lot and the surrounding areas. The bright vivid colors of front row cars are eye-catching and the lot is evenly lit giving it a professional and groomed look.

    Detas is a manufacturer of extremely high quality LED light fixtures. These lighting fixtures are used widely in Europe and are now available for the US market. LED lighting can reduce electricity usage by up to 70% resulting in long term cost savings. Foothills Independent Sales will conduct an energy audit for your existing system and provide a ROI calculation based on utility rebates. All of this value added work is provided free of charge.

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