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    Design & Manufacture of Custom Data Center Power Distribution Units

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    Why source control panels from Foothills Independent Sales?
    • Locals Sales in North and South Carolina
    • Engineering and Project Management Support
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Support for the life of the product.
    Available Products
    • Motor Control Centers (UL 845, up to 5000 A)
    • Custom Control Panels (UL 508A Certified)
    • Dead Front Switchboards (UL 891)
    • Data Center and Critical Power
    • Motor Starters
    • Design/Engineering
    • Refurbisment/Retrofit
    Potential Customers
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Electrical Suppliers/Distributors
    • Waste Water Treatment
    • Industrial
    • OEM
    • End-User

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    IMC Data Center

    IMC Data Center


    Data Center PDU – Modular Structural Design

    • Bus bar location on top, middle, or bottom
    • Bus bar ratings up to 5000A (UL 891-845) and 7000 (IEC) -100 kA
    • Automatic Bus bar shutters for all plug-in and draw-out starters/feeders
    • Structure is seismic tested without the bus bars which makes the system more rigid than others
    • Structure can house MCC, Switchboard, Panelboard, and control panel in one line-up
    • Draw-out panels/starters up to 630A (IEC)
    • Wire way on the right or left side of the drawers
    • Minimum 7″ wire way width
    • System is rebuild-able while live
    • Our system has been developed with the focus on personal safety in relation to rebuilding, service, and maintenance
    • Transparent doors for visible  and thermal inspection

    IMC provides custom designed controls to industrial, municipal, OEMs and End Users. With a combined staff experience of 60 years in the industry, IMC has a proven track record with numerous satisfied clients worldwide. They understand industrial controls and their integration with state-of-the-art components. IMC is a solution provider offering control panels according to UL, cUL, IEC and CE as well as motor control centers according to UL, cUL and IEC.

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