• Production Plus

    Providing CUSTOM SOLUTIONS for the FINISHING INDUSTRY since 1979.


    At Production Plus Corp., we serve the finishing industry by carefully analyzing every step of each customer’s process. We deliver solutions that save time, add density, and yield the best possible finished product.

    Production Plus makes the Magic Rack product line in the USA. We manufacture complete racking systems for powder, wet spray, e-coat, and plating applications. Our Magic Rack products utilize superior patented grounding technologies that give finished parts uniform coating thickness and allow longer times between cleaning cycles. We design our products for maximum density, control, and adjustability, which means more profit from your line. The Magic Rack system set the original standard for the finishing industry, and it remains the benchmark.

    Production Plus is a full-service provider of solutions for all your paint line needs. On the conveyor line, the Magic Rack system gives you better part control, density, and coverage. Off-line, our patent-pending transport and storage cart system offers multiple logistical options for loading, storing, and transporting racks, both within your facility and between your facility and off-site burn-off/cleaning facilities.

    With this patent-pending cart system complementing standard and custom Magic Rack products, Production Plus offers a full suite of solutions for the entire finishing cycle. We have a 35-year proven track record of cutting waste, saving time, and maximizing our customers’ efficiency and profit.