• Signalysis

    Signalysis designs and manufactures end-of-line quality testing equipment for noise and vibration applications. From expert consulting and customized software development to a complete turnkey test system, Signalysis works closely with you to identify, develop and support a solution to meet your unique and specific requirements.

    Signalysis – Delivering the Sound of Silence

    Signalysis offers a full range of test solutions. They are applicable to a variety of industries, including interior and exterior automotive systems, drive train, electronics, appliances, and biomedical.

    Since 1987, we’ve built a strong team with a diverse skill set to tackle any challenge. The team includes electrical and mechanical engineers, physicists, mathematicians and computer programmers.

    Today Signalysis offers a complete range of products and services:

    • Quality Inspection Systems
    • Testing Services
    • Expert Consulting