• Tool Stats

    Tool Stats is the industry leading platform for managing tooling and manufacturing data.

    Tool Stats is a data solution provider who assists companies to operate more efficiently, for a fraction of the cost of your tooling program. No more playing phone and email tag, relying on outdated storage devices, and wasting time tracking down the people and files you need to keep your operations running efficiently.


    Tool Stats Capabilities

    • File Storage and Sharing
      Keep all your data file sharing together. Tool Stats provides a centralized platform where the whole team can collaborate, upload, and share data.
    • Real-time Updates
      Projects can be updated or modified at anytime, allowing your information to stay current and always available to your team.
    • Maintenance Tracking
      The Tool Stats maintenance database allows users to report issues, log repairs, and track the history for each of your tools. Users can send alert notifications seconds after a problem occurs.
    • PM Alerts
      Eliminate downtime before it even happens. Automated alert schedules can be pre-set to notify team members when scheduled PM’s are due.
    • Production Tracking
      Become an OEE powerhouse. Production & process parameters can be logged and stored in a designated tool setup section. Keep all of the details & notes from the trials readily available with the tool when it arrives to your plant.
    • Asset Tracking
      Keep track of your tools location with GPS tracking capabilities. Know the exact location & condition of your assets, and be notified of any changes as they occur.
    • Security
      We understand how important your tooling data can be to your company. Take pride in knowing that you have control over it. With an encrypted database and full admin control, you have the power to allow and deny access to your files.
    • Project Timeline Tracking
      Track the status & progress of your projects timeline through the Tool Stats project management scheduler. Notify team members when items are due or alert people when project milestones are met so your program always stays on time.